Heloo, Bogor: Chaotica Is Available at Syallo

Finally, Chaotica arrives at Bogor, a city where my dear friends live and I lived there too for several years when I was a teenager. (ups..too much info)

Please stop by at Syallo, Jl. Pakuan no. 111 (near LB LIA English Course). You will find some of other product made by local crafters. From customized model shoes by BIGREY Shoes, vintage dresses by Syallo, illustrated tote bags by Voila Totes, some nice home decoration and bags from Cenik Renik, tees with great great design from WORDZ! to loooots of handmade accessories with unique design and I might say each crafters has their own particular design.

If you'd love to see another design of Chaotica, please visit Chaotica's Facebook page here at anytime. Or talk to me on twitter @chaoticaaa or via LINE dinna89.



Between Auntie Tigress and Tesla

I took this Jade pendant back in my (long-forgotten) Mother's jewelry box. I kept it, and have been BELIEVING ever since, that this pendant would mean something, someday. A story titled Auntie Tigress (Bibi Harimau, Erlangga), retold by Gia-Zhen Wang has given a feeling of ancient china culture in every detail of the story. The Auntie herself is very fond of jewelry. Soon after I finish reading, I gave my honor to the Jade pendant and made this pretty necklace. The 3 little things is just me having fun counting 1, 2, 3. Like Tesla, he liked the number 3.



Finally, after a very long time googling, craft bazaar hopping, raw material searching, saving some money to buy the materials, organizing some work and finish it so I could spare time to do everything I've ever wanted for so so long....I did it. My very precious accessories line...... 'chaotica'.

The brand itself is discovered through so many events I have day by day. Something like shit do happen, like life is giving us a joke, but somehow we still manage to survive, and laugh it off ourselves. So it's like a celebration of embracing the shit happened. That sounds not so cool, I know. Hahaha.

When I started it, I have so much plan. Like where I should sell it, to whom I should share it, who will gonna buy it, how much price I should offer, and simply what design I should make in every piece. These...seem very simple but the execution still not easy. Because I DON'T KNOW what to think. Pretty chaotic. Then... A HA! chaotica it is. :D quite a show.

See my online shop here and follow the twitter here.

Thank you. And horaaay to me! :p


Feeling Pouchy

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Pouches are good and always useful and give a little feeling how organized person we are by putting everything we need very neatly there. I purchased these pouches from friends of Institut A (the ones with patches), the rosy printed one was given from my gf Uchie as she wrote a note about I have to be a strong woman dealing with work and my love life -how lovely and she made it by herself knowing how I love rose and the fact that I told her why I like Rose so much (it's a symbol for motherhood as far as I know), and mostly I bought them from the flea market, less than a dollar for 3 pieces. Of course I bought them because of the thought that they could be useful someday. Sometimes we just need something to take away...with style. or not. :D

Anyway, this is the last post of my collection during the Tidy Up My Room Day. I want to post some of my Hello Kitty collection but it's not ready now. I'm still waiting for the figurin of her studying. It's very cute and represents a part of me who still wants to take some class to study photography which I love to do in very recently.

Also, I'm looking forward to see your collection. :)



Black and Nude Intention

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Without even noticing what I purchased when I go accessorized mind, it all has a similar thing in them, black and nude. Funny that my gf Onnie told me that she was bored with my nude/brown blouse or dress I wore. I don't even realize why did I bought them the same color? :)) But now I have a nude-conscious when it's time to go shopping. My hand would unconsciously touch the nude dress/blouse/skirt/clutch/head band then my head remembers, then I go away. Haha, funny though because mostly I would buy those nudies anyway. Not working, hey head!

See the colorful beaded necklace, my friend gave it to me. The colorful feather earrings? I never have the courage to wear those. Not gonna give it away also. :D